Vampire Bite Blog Hop

Vampire Bite Blog Hop 2/14/2013 Hello dear readers,

It’s February – the shortest month of the year. But the days are already starting to get a wee bit longer. Here in the Northeast quadrant of the United States, it’s not uncommon to have a bitterly cold, brilliantly sunny day. Bodes well for my spirits. But as I take a cue from the cat and bask near a warm, sunny window, I can’t help but think of my vampire characters. Are they immune to SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder?

I’m writing today to say – why not give our Vampires a day in the sun? No, not that kind of sun, not that kind of day. Just a special moment set aside to celebrate all things VAMPIRE. What better day than February 14th, the day of RED, the day of HEARTS? Ah yes, and love too. Love abounds on Valentine’s Day. I do hope you take a moment to make February 14th a different kind of V-Day, during the Vampire Bite Blog Hop. Read the blogs, share them with friends and loved ones. Make a comment or two. Don’t worry – we won’t bite. Much.